Are you Pointlessly Overpaying for Broadband?

Are you Pointlessly Overpaying for Broadband? 

There is no real way to escape the rise in prices through inflation.  However, some specific providers prices have been on the rise recently.  BT, for example, recently announced a price rise as of 2nd of April 2017.  This will add an additional £2 extra for BT broadband customers and an additional £2.50 for BT Infinity Fibre customers.   In addition, if you did not compare broadbands before signing a contract with a provider then you may be paying a higher price for the same service you could get somewhere else.  Broadband prices for certain companies may well be on the rise but how can you avoid these rises in prices?  An easy escape would be through switching providers to find a better deal for you.

How to Know if you are Overpaying

If you are a BT customer then the price of broadband has already risen slightly.  Therefore, you are not technically overpaying but you might want to consider changing to a different provider due to the rise.    However, you are someone who realises they have chosen the wrong broadband then you might need to do some research on different broadbands.  This is easily done by going straight to our broadband deal section by clicking here.


Broadband Prices on the Rise?  Switch Providers

With some broadbands raising their prices, an easy solution is to simply switch providers.  This can also be the case if you have opted to the wrong provider in the first place.  Either way, you may be overpaying for broadband, the best thing to do is to look up or contact your contract provider and try find if there has been or are going to be any changes to the prices.  In addition, you will want to compare the prices of other providers and see if you can get a similar package you have at the moment; for a cheaper price.

How to switch

(See previous article for more information on how to switch; titled How to Switch From One Broadband to Another).  Unfortunately, broadband contracts are usually quite long, so be sure to check your contract status before starting your switch.  If you are no longer in the contract’s minimum terms then you can switch for free.  However, if you are still in the contact’s minimum terms then you will probably face quite a large contract cancellation fee.  This is far from ideal and puts a massive financial downer on the process of switching from one broadband to another.

What Packages Should I Choose?  Review Usage Before Buying

If you are looking for a more in-depth breakdown of the best packages to suit you, then click here to be redirected to the full blog covering this subject.  However, the package you choose should be for what you need.  Which may sound obvious but it is very important that you do not spend too much money on additional extras that you do not need.  Like unlimited broadband when you can easily manger on a set allowance of data, this lets you save money by reviewing how much data and speed you actually need.  How will you know how much you need?  This can be done by checking your current usage rates, which will allow you to see how much data you use per month and then you will be able to reach a conclusion on what broadband deal you would like.

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