How to Transfer your Old Number to a New Mobile

How to Transfer your Old Number to a New Phone

When you switch phones you ideally will keep your old number because if you do not then you will have to get a brand-new phone number.  A new number would be incredibly inconvenient; this would require you to let all your contacts know of the change.  Alongside updating all your contact information for everything you might need to be contacted about.  For example, you will have to update your phone with your doctor, your bank, your broadband provider, your electricity provider, etc.  Luckily, this can all be avoided


Step One: Getting the PAC

First of all, you will need to get a PAC (which stands for Porting Authorisation Code) from your current provider.  This is a specific code that identifies your mobile number and allows you to switch your number to a different network.  This is easy to do as for most providers it will be possible via phone or text.  They should give you a nine-digit code; that is your Porting Authorisation Code).

Step Two: What to Do With the PAC

The process of transferring your phone number from one phone to another in relatively easy, you just have to know how to do it correctly.  Most mobile phone providers ask for you to either provide the PAC code while purchasing (you will be asked to enter your PAC before checking out if you are ordering online) and almost all providers allow you to give the PAC after you have bought the phone and they will switch the number over for you.

Step Three: Loss of Service/How Long it Will Take

If you are worried about there being a long waiting time in between switching your number from one provider to the next, you can rest assure.  The amount of time it takes to transfer from will vary depending on the provider you are using.  However, the provider you are with currently will keep your phone number active until it is active on the new provider.

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