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Frequently Asked Questions

Using a comparison site such as ensures you see all deals available across the market in one place. We gather all deals and present them to you in our handy comparison tool, which saves you searching the internet one by one trying to find the best deal. This saves you time, and more importantly probably some money too. 

It’s very easy really. Just pop in your postcode to view the deals available in your area and then view the deals that are shown. Once you’ve chosen the one you want just click “Apply Online” and you’ll be taken straight to that deal on the providers website. Once you’ve placed your order, that’s it. Your new provider will take it from there and be in touch with you about installation dates and information. 

That depends on your provider. Currently only Virgin Media offer broadband without a phone line via their fibre optic network. If you choose another provider then you would need phone line from them. If you don’t want a phone line, you could always choose a mobile broadband option. This is similar to what you’d use on your mobile phone and available from providers such as EE.  

By default we show you results sorted by cost, with the cheapest deals first. Research has shown that this is the most popular choice as people are mostly looking for savings. However you can change the ranking yourself using the filters and sorting tabs to sort the data a few different ways, whichever suits you best. 

Your postcode allows us to show you deals that are available in your area only. There are loads of deals available accross the UK, but sadly they aren’t all available to each area of the UK. By entering your postcode our tool shows you the deals only that are available where you live and filters out the rest. We never share your postcode with anyone and it is simply to find the best deal available where you live. 

Put simply, you’ll likely save a lot of money. If you’ve been with your current provider for a while, you’re ;likely not getting the best deal. Suppliers don’t normally reward loyalty, and once your introductory offer has expired, you’ll be on their expensive, full price tarriff.  Doing a simple comparison will show you the best broadband deals available in your area and just how much you can save.

Our service is totally free and impartial, and we list all of the best broadband deals available to you. Sometimes we receive a commission from the providers if you click through and place an order with them but this doesn’t affect the results we show. We show you everything, so you can make the best decision suited to your needs.  

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