Which Broadband is the Best?


Which Broadband is the Best?

Technically, the top four providers for broadband at the moment consist of Talk Talk, EE, BT and Sky.  They collectively hold around 70 percent of the market.  But is it better to go with one of the big providers?  Or venture into the slightly less popular providers to see what they have to offer?  This will not really touch on the smaller provides as it will aim to help you compare broadband packages from the major companies.  It ultimately depends on what you are looking for and your general location.  Here will be the list of different providers and their advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out which broadband is best.

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Talk Talk Fibre Broadband

Talk Talk is an overall good provider and supplies its customers with a cheap starting package, also including line rental in the advertising price to avoid hidden fees.  Alongside this, they provide an unlimited service.  This basically means you can use as much internet as you want without being charged any extra.  Which is extremely helpful for things like; watching/downloading films or TV shows, playing online games and almost anything else on the internet.  In addition, they also offer an attractive security system to maintain the safety of information gathered from online banking and online shopping.

However, Talk Talk does still have a few disadvantages as well.  For example, Talk Talk has had poor customer service in the past.  Although, they are aiming to improve their bad reputation and for very low pricing; Talk Talk is still worth looking at if you are looking for a cheap broadband deal.  Likewise, Talk Talk has also been criticised for having no public Wi-Fi; which may not be very important to some customers.  But with the likes of Sky and BT it may be becoming more important to people looking at broadband deals.  Finally, the contracts tend to be quite lengthy, leading to long commitments.


EE Broadband

EE is another good option when considering what provider to choose.  Alongside the attractive prices, they also offer a collection of extras and bonuses.  They offer a free router that comes with the package which is worth almost £100.  Alongside a year subscription to McAfee anti-virus bundle to protect your devices from getting viruses.  EE provides free calls to certain landlines in off-peak periods (not working hours) and they go the extra mile to try to hold on to customer by offering rewards for loyalty and offering discounts; for example, if you are a member of Orange, EE mobile or T-Mobile then you can receive discounts on your broadband.

Unfortunately, EE also has several drawbacks.  Similarly to Talk Talk, EE has long contracts and no clear information on the price of ending that contract early.  This could lead to hidden costs as the starting contract is 18 months as standard.  EE also has openly stated that they throttle traffic from 4 pm to 1 am on weekdays and around 1 pm to 1 am on weekends.  The VoIP is put first during these times and the P2P is slowed dramatically; which basically means gaming will work very well but HD films will take a very long time to download and may not be possible to stream.


BT Broadband

BT is a great go-to as it offers the widest coverage in the UK and is available to almost everybody.  BT can also be considered quite all-inclusive and therefore it is easy to add TV extras such as BT Sport.  And if you take BT TV with your broadband you will get BT Sport for free; giving you all four BT Sport channels.  In addition to this, BT has over five million hotspots positioned throughout the UK which BT customers can use for free (without using their allowance).  But some plans are unlimited and let you use as much internet as you desire.

Of course, BT also comes with several disadvantages.  One problem with BT broadband is its apparent unsatisfactory customer service; which may prove irritating if you are experiencing difficulties.  As well as this, the BT infinity is not available for everybody as it does not work in certain areas.  And alongside that, if you do not have an unlimited package you will be charged if you go over the limit.


Sky Broadband + Conclusion

Sky broadband is much easier to sum up.  It is very like BT as it provides unlimited data allowance and short contracts, allowing for less commitment.  This comes with similar disadvantages as BT.  Although they provide an Unlimited service, it is not available everywhere and their public Wi-Fi is far more limited than BT’s.  Overall, the “best broadband” ultimately depends on what you require for your household.  It also depends on your location, so be sure to check which broadband is the best in your area before you purchase.

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