The Best Broadband Deals: Which One is the Best Value?

Best Broadband Deals

At the end of the day, there is no set “best broadband deal”.  The best broadband deal for you is the one that works for you; the one that provides everything you require at a price you can afford.  However, there are some providers than stand out as an overall great deal for almost anybody considering purchasing broadband nowadays.  Here is a list of some of the best broadband deals.

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BT Broadband

BT offers their BT Infinity Fibre Unlimited and Calls.  This package will cost £31.99 per month with an additional £9.99 set up cost.  The contract length is set at 12 months for this deal and it provides an unlimited amount of data usage which also claims to have up to 52Mb of speed.  This is quite a bit more expensive than the other deals but provides over double the internet speed of most of the other contenders.  However, it is important to note that it states “up to 52Mb” which means some people will definitely not experience speeds that high.

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Sky Broadband

Sky broadband has Sky Unlimited Broadband.  Which does exactly what is says on the tin and is an unlimited broadband service that will cost £20 per month plus an additional £19.95 setup cost which will last for 12 months.  This is significantly cheaper than BT’s offer but only offers up to 17Mb speed.  This is extremely low compared to BT but Sky is much more likely to hit its highest speed in most places, whilst BT’s speed will definitely vary depending on location.

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EE broadband is titled EE Unlimited Broadband and Weekend Calls.  This service is very similar to that of Sky Broadband.  It starts off at £21 per month with a £7 setup cost.  They offer a speed of up to 17Mb (which is the same as Sky).  And this all comes as, of course, an unlimited data package.  Unfortunately, EE has long contracts as the 18-month contract is as standard.  This does not usually cause any problems at all, it can just sometimes hinder you in the event of cancelling the contract early.

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk Broadband is advertised as TalkTalk Fast Broadband but is still failing to get above that speed of 17Mb where it sits with many of the other contenders.  However, it is pretty cheap.  It costs £19.95 per month and requires no setup cost.  They still provide unlimited internet within a 12-month contract.  So overall, if you are looking for a cheap deal that provides you with the necessities you need; then TalkTalk might be the provider for you.

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Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media have won the internet speed competition by far with their Virgin Media VIVID 100 Unlimited Superfast Fibre Broadband and Phone.  This, as it suggests in the title, offers internet speeds of up to 100Mb.  This figure is bound to fluctuate depending on your location, but 100Mb knocks all the over competition out of the water.  This kind of speed does come with a price though; Virgin’s 12-month contract will cost £32 per month with a £20 setup cost (which is not too bad since BT Broadband costs £31.99 per month).  Then again, the prices are not so important if you do not take into account the pros and the cons of the different broadbands.  Be sure to check out the previous post linked at the top of the page to see the differences in some of these major providers.

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