A Guide to Switching Mobile Phone Providers

A Guide to Switching Mobile Phone Providers

Switching mobile phone provides can be a nightmare.  There are several things you need to look out for in order to insure a practical move from one provider to another.  These include possible exit costs and if you want to keep your current number through the switch, plus deciding on the write handset (phone) or going for a sim-only deal and if the new data package you are choosing is right for you.

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Exit Costs

If your contract has not yet come to an end, then you might end up being charged if you choose to cancel the contract early.  Some contracts are very long and the longer that is left on that said contract will probably add up to a larger sum required to cancel.  It would be worth looking up the exit costs of your specific provider to see how much it will set you back.  Then again, if your contract is almost at the end of its duration, it might be worth just waiting until the end of the contract before switching.


Switching and Keeping Your Number

To maintain your previous number in your new phone you will have to contact your provider and request a code.  This concept might seem complicated but it is relatively easy.  Firstly, you will have to get in touch with your provider and ask for a PAC code.  This stands for Porting Authorisation Code and it is what you need to keep your number when transferring to a new mobile phone provider.  The PAC must simply be given to your new provider and they should be able to put your old number on the new contract.  This avoids the unfortunate event of telling everybody you know you have a new number and it makes the whole process of switching provides a lot easier.


Upgrading to a New Phone and Sim-Only Deals

Choosing the right phone for you can prove just as difficult as choosing the ideal plan (texts, calls and data); when working on a budget it can be even harder.  You can compare all the best deals by clicking here.  However, if you have a decent phone then it is not worth buying a full package deal that comes with the newest phone and a new contract.  Sometimes, when people switch phone provides it is because they want a smaller package to cut down on their bill.  A sim-only contract would be a great way to save you money without having to downgrade the amount of calls, texts and data you are getting from a provider.  You can click here to discover all the sim-only deals offered by MobileDealCheck.com to find the best cheap sim deals.


Make Sure You Choose the Right Monthly Package

Whether you are upgrading or downgrading, you want to choose the right package for you.  Almost every pay-monthly contract is quite long as companies will try to keep you with them for as long as possible; you do not want to be stuck on a contract that does not work for you.  If it is having too little data per month or even having too much data per month and therefore paying too much extra money for stuff you do not need.

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