iPhone SIM Deals

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Compare iPhone SIM Only Deals

What are iPhone SIM Only Deals?

iPhone SIM Only Deals are a type of a contract deal for your data allowances but does not include a phone along with it. The fact that iPhone SIM Only Deals don’t include a phone mean that the monthly cost is a lot cheaper as you are only paying for the minutes, data and texts you use. Use our table above to compare iPhone SIM Only Deals and see what you could be saving. By paying as you go, you won’t have any nasty surprise bills each month as you are only paying for what you use.

If you are looking for a new phone as well as minutes, texts and data then check our page for mobile phone deals.

Why choose an iPhone SIM Only deal?

If you already have a phone you love, perhaps from your previous contract, and you don’t want to upgrade, then the wallet smart choice for you would be to switch to an iPhone SIM Only deal. Moving to an iPhone SIM Only deal will no doubt save you some serious money as you are not paying for the price of the new phone which is built in to the monthly cost of mobile phone contracts. Switching to an iPhone SIM Only deal is an amazing way to slash your monthly costs and save some money.

Can I Get an iPhone SIM Only Deal from Another Provider?

The first step would be to make sure you are free to switch by checking with your existing network provider. Just give them a quick call or live chat on their website and check. Once you know you can switch, find the best iPhone SIM Only deal for you using our comparison above. We compare iPhone SIM Only Deals from all the networks in one place to make it very easy for you to choose. Once you’ve chosen one and signed up then your new SIM card should arrive within a few days.

You will need to check your phone is unlocked to accept your SIM card for the new network. If you are out of contract, just ring your old provider up and ask them to unlock your phone. This should be free if you are out of contract.
If you want to keep your existing number, be sure to ask your old network provider for your PAC code. You will need to give this to your new provider to transfer your number. Read our guide on transferring your number to another provider.

What will happen to my service when I switch?

The switching process of moving network is straight forward, and disruption should be at an absolute minimum.
If you have transferred your number to your new provider, then you may experience some slight downtime. Once the number transfers to your new SIM card the old one will become redundant and will stop receiving service. If this happens to you, just pop your new SIM in to your phone and reboot it, your service should appear as normal and you’ll receive a welcome text from your network.

How do I know the reception is good in my area?

Great question! You want to make sure you can get a reception to even be able to use your phone. Some parts of the country, particularly rural areas struggle with network reception. It’s a good idea to check your new provider can even get to you wherever you are. You can view the coverage available in your area here.

What size SIM card do I need?

All networks nowadays provide you with a 3 in 1 SIM card with all three size offerings. When your SIM card arrives you simply push out the correct size for your phone and pop it in.

To compare iPhone SIM Only deals the simple and effortless way just click here and use the filters to find your perfect deal.